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Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist
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Marriage Intensives Rates & Availability





These rates do not include food or lodging.

Please note that the three-day intensive is optimal for the vast majority of couples. However, if you want more time, I will gladly provide a four-day intensive for you.


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Monday, 2/3 – Wednesday, 2/5 Filled
Thursday, 2/20 – Saturday, 2/22 Filled
Monday, 2/24 – Wednesday, 2/26 Filled
Wednesday, 3/11 – Friday, 3/13 Filled
Sunday, 3/15 – Tuesday, 3/17 Filled
Wednesday, 4/1 – Friday, 4/3 Filled
Monday, 4/6 – Wednesday, 4/8 Open
Wednesday, 4/22 – Friday, 4/24 Filled
Monday, 4/27 – Wednesday, 4/29 Open
Wednesday, 5/13 – Friday, 5/15 Open
Sunday, 5/17 – Tuesday, 5/19 Open
Wednesday, 6/3 – Friday, 6/5 Open
Monday, 6/8 – Wednesday/ 6/10 Open

My intensives are usually booked out a month or two in advance. However, this is true of most of the better programs. I realize that it can be hard to wait, but an excellent program is worth waiting for.

Four Good Reasons to Wait for My Program

  1. My marriage counseling intensives have a 95% satisfaction rating.
  2. My program is the only one of it’s kind in the nation that combines 43 years of experience, licensure as both a psychologist and a marriage and family therapist, and certification in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.
  3. My marriage counseling intensive is the only one that provides access to your therapist by email and phone from the moment you sign up until the day you arrive.
  4. For many couples in crisis it can actually work better to wait a few weeks before doing a marriage counseling intensive. If you come right in, we’ll be doing mostly crisis management. If you wait a bit, we’ll be doing mostly in-depth work that is likely to get to the roots of your issues.

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Day 1:  Calming your crisis, making sense of it, and helping you learn how to communicate with each other in new ways.

Day 2:  Freeing you from your negative interaction patterns, deepening your emotional connection, and helping you identify and better meet each other’s needs.

Day 3:  Healing your relationship wounds, consolidating your gains, and equipping you with relationship-building concepts and tools that will help keep you close for a lifetime.

Day 4:  Optional: An extra day if you want more time.

Note that your schedule may vary somewhat from this one because I will customize what I do to best meet your needs. Because every couple is different, no two of my weekend intensives look exactly alike.