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My Affair Recovery Retreat

“Very likely, your affair-shattered marriage can be repaired.”

A three or four-day intensive marriage counseling retreat with me in Colorado can help you to heal.

Are you reeling from an affair?

It may be a physical affair, an emotional affair, a cyber affair, or one more in a string of affairs. Whatever kind of affair it is, on your marriage counseling intensive my Affair Recovery Program will help you heal. You may think that your marriage can’t possibly survive the affair. But very likely it can survive… and even thrive. An intensive marriage counseling retreat with me in Colorado can help you and your partner get past the affair and become closer than ever.

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Marriage After AffairIf your partner has had the affair…

  • you’re in excruciating pain, stunned, and disoriented
  • you’re alternating between numbness and rage
  • you’re perhaps feeling hopeless or even in despair

You may be asking yourself:

  • “How could my spouse do this to me?”
  • “Do I even know my partner?”
  • “Will I ever be able to trust again?”
  • “Is it possible to save my marriage after an affair?”
  • “Do I even want it to be saved?”

If you’ve had the affair, you may be…

  • feeling guilty
  • feeling humiliated, perhaps defensive
  • feeling relieved that the strain of living a double life is over, yet frightened abut the future
  • missing your affair partner and feeling torn between that person and your spouse
  • wanting desperately to save your marriage… or not being so sure

You’re not alone.

Infidelity is the most common reason that couples from all across the country travel to Colorado for my marriage counseling intensives.

They come to participate in the highly effective Affair Recovery Program that I have developed over the past 40 years. Interventions used in this intensive marriage counseling retreat have helped hundreds of couples discover the steps to surviving infidelity in marriage.

You may think that your marriage can’t possibly be restored after the affair. But very likely it can survive… and even thrive. An intensive marriage counseling retreat with me in Colorado can help you and your partner get past the affair and become closer than ever

With my affair recovery retreat in the intensive format, there is hope for your marriage after an affair.

  • That gaping wound can be healed.
  • That broken trust can be repaired.
  • You can win your partner back.
  • An affair need never happen again.

Affair Recovery RetreatWhy do you need to do an affair recovery retreat with me?

Nothing is more threatening to a marriage than an extramarital affair. Each year, thousands of affair-stricken couples break up needlessly because they don’t get the right help.

My Affair Recovery Program is carefully structured to accomplish three things.

First, it can help you avoid costly mistakes that can delay or even derail the healing process in your relationship.

Second, it can help you make sure that you cover all the steps of affair recovery in the right order and in the right way so that you can experience real healing in your

Third, it can help you strengthen your marriage after an affair so that is highly affair-resistant going forward.

You may think that you can recover from an affair on your own, but trust me on this. You have a greater chance of surviving infidelity in marriage if you get help from a therapist who specializes in counseling couples who have experienced infidelity. Given that I’ve specialized in affair recovery for close to 40 years, my intensive marriage counseling retreats in Colorado provide just such an opportunity.

Here’s how my Affair Recovery Program works.

Over the past 4 decades, I have discovered that when an affair has occurred in a marriage, a couple must move through seven stages of affair recovery if they are to heal. These seven stages are the basis of my Affair Recovery Program.

To save your marriage after an affair, I’ll work privately with just the two of you for three or four days, combining a number of sessions close together so that you’ll make rapid progress toward recovery.

Here are the seven stages of affair recovery that you must move through in order to heal. On your retreat, I will guide you through all seven.

The Seven Stages of Affair Recovery

Stage 1:     Managing the Immediate Crisis
Stage 2:     Clarifying What Happened
Stage 3:     Healing the Wounded Partner
Stage 4:     Healing the Involved Partner
Stage 5:     Understanding Why It Happened
Stage 6:     Repairing the Broken Bond
Stage 7:     Moving Forward

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The primary approach I’ll use to help heal your marriage after an affair has been proven to be highly effective.

With this approach nearly 75% of distressed couples recover and 90% experience significant improvement.

This approach is called Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, or EFT, and it’s ideally suited for helping couples to heal from infidelity. On your intensive marriage counseling retreat in Colorado I’ll use EFT as well as other approaches to guide you through your affair recovery.

Here’s why it makes good sense for you to do the Affair Recovery Program with me on a private marriage counseling intensive.

My Affair Recovery Retreat is especially effective on a retreat because you’ll get the extended, uninterrupted time you need to make rapid and substantial progress on healing your marriage after an affair. You’ll go deeper faster and you’ll go farther than you possibly could in the same number of sessions spread out weekly over months.

Why do couples from all across the country choose to do marriage counseling  intensives with me to help them recover from affairs?

They know that I’m an affair recovery specialist with 40 years of experience and a national reputation for pulling distressed couples back from the brink. My Affair Recovery Program in the retreat format has been demonstrated to be highly effective at helping couples to heal from infidelity.

Yes, there really is hope for your marriage after an affair.

Very likely, your affair-shattered marriage can be repaired. My Affair Recovery Program can help you pick up the pieces and put them back together again.

That may seem impossible to you right now, but take it from the many affair-stricken couples who have done affair recovery retreats with me. It really is possible. Your marriage can be made whole again with an intensive marriage counseling retreat with me here in Colorado.

Seek help right now before things get worse.

The longer you delay in seeking help for surviving infidelity in marriage, the more damage can be done, making your marriage more difficult to save.  So contact me immediately!

You really can have a fulfilling marriage after an affair. Reach out to me for more information about my Affair Recovery Program and how it can work for you.

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