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Faith-Based Help

“Faith can make a huge difference.”

Christian Marriage Counseling Retreats in Colorado

I enjoy providing marriage counseling weekend intensives to couples of all faiths. At the same time, I feel that I have something special to offer couples who share my Christian faith.

Couples wanting to do a retreat with a Christian counselor usually like working with me. They appreciate that for them I weave Christian principles into my marriage counseling retreats here in Colorado.   

They also appreciate that as I help them draw closer to each other, I encourage them to draw closer to God. That’s because I believe that God created each and every one of us with a deep need for connection… with one another and with Him.

Restore Your Connection

In my 40 years working with distressed couples, I have observed that faith can make a huge difference in healing a broken marriage. It can give a couple hope for a future together and strength for the journey back to wholeness.

In addition, when one spouse has been let down, betrayed, or abandoned by the other, a secure relationship with a loving God can give that person the courage to trust again. This is particularly true in cases of infidelity.

What if you do not want Christian counseling on your retreat? Then I’ll  gladly help you within the context of your own beliefs, religious or nonreligious. I’ve had great success working with couples from a variety of faiths, as well as those who do not hold to any particular faith.

However, if you do want to embark on a Christian marriage counseling retreat, then I will be happy to provide one.


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Christian Marriage Counseling Retreats

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