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Christian Affair Recovery Retreat

Devastated by an affair? 

Whether the affair is emotional, physical, or both…

Whether it’s a one-night stand, a prolonged affair, a cyber-affair, or one more in a series of affairs…

…my Christian Affair Recovery Retreat in beautiful Colorado can help you save your marriage.

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If your spouse has been unfaithful… 

…you’re feeling shattered, like broken glass all over a sidewalk.
…the pain is excruciating, the worst you’ve ever felt.
…you’re traumatized, having been betrayed by the person you loved and trusted the most.

If you’ve been unfaithful… 

…you’re probably being torn apart by guilt, shame, and remorse.
…you’re likely fearing that you’ve wounded your partner beyond healing and broken your marriage beyond repair.

You’re not alone.

Affairs are quite common. They happen in Christian marriages just as often as they happen in non-Christian marriages. They even happen to Christian leaders, including pastors, church staff people, and missionaries.

Affairs happen to Christians who are deeply committed to their faith.

Christian Affair Recovery Retreat

The good news is there is hope.

It might be hard for you to believe that your marriage can be restored, but trust me on this. With the right treatment and God’s help, it can be. Trauma can be healed and trust can be rebuilt.

Let me introduce myself. 

I’m Dr. Jay Lindsay, licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed psychologist, and I’ve focused on affair recovery for over 40 years.

During that time I’ve developed a Christian Affair Recovery Retreat that works extremely well. With this much acclaimed program I’ve helped thousands of couples to heal from infidelity and I’d like very much to help you.

My Christian Affair Recovery Retreat is solidly grounded in Christian principles.

That makes it very different from secular affair recovery programs. It means that on your retreat I will:

  1. Do everything possible to help you save your marriage, because I believe marriage is sacred.
  2. Encourage forgiveness and reconciliation while at the same time recognizing these take time and cannot be rushed.
  3. Rely on prayer and the healing power of the Holy Spirit as well as on my professional training and experience.
  4. Support you in relying on God to help you get through what might be the most painful experience of your life.

Why do you need to do a Christian Affair Recovery Retreat with me? 

Affairs destroy countless marriages, including Christian ones. Each year, thousands of affair-stricken couples break up, many of whom have children and important ministries.

These tragedies are so unnecessary because effective help is available.
On your Christian Affair Recovery Retreat I can help you and your partner repair your broken relationship.

These are some of the things we can accomplish on your retreat. I can help you: 

  • Understand why the affair happened.
  • Heal from the affair.
  • Strengthen your relationship so that it will become deeply satisfying and highly affair-resistant going forward.
  • Learn concepts and skills that will keep you healing and growing.

This is how your Christian Affair Recovery Retreat will work. 

With the inspiring Colorado Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, I’ll do therapy with just the two of you in a highly focused way for three or four days, combining a number of sessions close together so that you’ll make rapid progress.

You’ll get both confidentiality and a customized approach because no other couples will be present. You’ll also get plenty of time to deal with the affair in depth.

As a result, you’ll make quick progress. You’ll get results much faster than you possibly could in weekly couple therapy.

There are seven stages of recovery you must move through.

During my many years of helping couples to heal from infidelity, I have observed that there are seven stages a couple must be guided through if they are to become whole again. These seven stages are integral to my Christian Affair Recovery Retreat.

The Seven Stages of Affair Recovery

Stage 1:   Handling the Immediate Fallout
Stage 2:   Getting Clear on What Happened
Stage 3:   Helping the Traumatized Partner to Heal
Stage 4:   Helping the Involved Partner to Heal
Stage 5:   Understanding What Went Wrong
Stage 6:   Re-establishing Safety, Security and Trust
Stage 7:   Moving Ahead into a Better Life Together

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To help you through these seven stages I’ll use EFT, a cutting edge approach to couple therapy that has been scientifically proven to be highly effective.

Research shows that EFT, or Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, brings recovery to nearly 75% of distressed couples and significant improvement to another 15%.

EFT is completely compatible with Christian faith and is a powerful approach for helping couples to heal from infidelity.

Why do couples fly to Colorado from all across the USA and beyond to do my Christian Affair Recovery Retreat? 

They know that I’ve specialized in affair recovery for more than 40 years and that I’ve been extraordinarily successful in rescuing marriages from going over the edge because of infidelity. Over the years, my couples have come from 42 different states and 10 different nations.

They also know that I am a committed Christian who understands their faith and will support and encourage them in it.

Yes, with proper treatment and God’s help there really is hope.

It is highly probable that your marriage can be rebuilt. On your Christian Affair Recovery Retreat I can help you pick up the pieces of your affair-shattered relationship and put them back together.

As we work together, your faith in Jesus Christ will make a huge difference. It will give you and your partner hope for a future together and strength for the journey back to wholeness.

My ultimate goal will be to help you become closer than you ever were before the affair happened.

Why delay and let things get worse? Reach out for help at once before your marriage deteriorates further.

The longer you put off getting treatment for infidelity, the more difficult it can be to turn your marriage around. So get in touch with me right away about my very effective Christian Affair Recovery Retreat in colorful Colorado!

Seek help right now before things get worse.

The longer you delay in seeking help for surviving infidelity in marriage, the more damage can be done, making your marriage more difficult to save.  So contact me immediately!

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