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What Marital Fights are Really About

by Dr. Jay Lindsay

Most marital fights, especially repetitive ones, are not really about the issue being discussed. They are about something deeper. Continue reading…

You’ve Had an Affair… Now What?

by Dr. Jay Lindsay

Michelle called me from San Francisco. She had found information on my website about my Affair Recovery Program in the private marriage intensive format.

Several days earlier, Michelle had admitted to her husband, Tom, that she was having an extramarital affair. The affair was with an old boyfriend who had contacted her on Facebook. Continue reading…

What Keeps Marital Fights Going?

by Dr. Jay Lindsay

Do you and your partner have the same fights over and over again? All couples do, some more than others.

In a previous article, I discussed what repetitive fights are really about.

I pointed out that recurring arguments are seldom about the issues being fought over. Instead, they are usually about the anxiety couples experience when these fights erode their closeness.

In this article, I will discuss what it is that maintains recurring arguments, that keeps them coming back. Continue reading…