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My Approach to Couples Therapy Retreats

“With EFT, nearly 75% of distressed couples recover and another 15% improve significantly.”

When it comes to dealing with the pain of relationship distress, the therapist’s approach is extremely important.

Couples Therapy RetreatsDuring the past 40 years, I’ve trained in or have studied virtually every major approach to couple therapy that exists. On your private marriage counseling retreat, I’ll draw from the best of these approaches to help you.

However, I’ll primarily use Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, or EFT, and this will be key in making your retreat beneficial.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, or EFT, is a scientifically proven approach that is quick and highly effective.

That’s why it will work so well for you on your couples’ therapy retreat. We know that EFT is quick and highly effective because more than 30 years of research have proven that it…

  • Brings recovery to nearly 75% of distressed couples and significant improvement to another 15%
  • Results in fully 86% of couples reporting feeling happier in their relationships
  • Works twice as well as the other most widely used approach
  • Has a high completion rate:  few couples drop out
  • Gets rapid results:  most couples succeed in just a few sessions
  • Gets lasting results:  most couples maintain their gains and continue to improve, even those who were at high risk for divorce

Please note that Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy (CBT), the approach used in most other couples therapy retreats, has a success rate of only 35% and a high relapse rate.

Here’s what EFT can do for you on your retreat.

EFT is a powerful, yet gentle approach, that works for couples with difficult problems, including infidelity. Using EFT, I’ll help you to rapidly…

  • Heal the wounds of hurt and betrayal
  • Deepen your emotional connection
  • Escape your destructive patterns of relating
  • Establish positive patterns of interaction
  • Replace conflict with harmony
  • Renew trust and commitment
  • Maximize your relationship satisfaction

Colorado Weekend RetreatThese are the reasons why EFT is so powerful.

On my marriage counseling weekend retreats, couples often get seemingly miraculous results because EFT…

  • Targets the root cause of relationship discord, emotional disconnectedness
  • Approaches transformation through the gateway to change, the emotions
  • Utilizes interventions that have been proven effective by research
  • Fosters “key change events” that promote positive relationship change
  • Moves couples through three clearly identifiable stages of transformation
  • Heals “attachment injuries” caused by betrayal and emotional abandonment

This is what experts are saying about EFT.

“The results are lasting.” -The American Psychological Association

“EFT is a proven road map to change in couple therapy.” -Dr. John Gottman

“EFT is one of the best-documented, most substantive and well-researched approaches to couple therapy.” -Dr. Alan Gurman

My expertise in EFT is one of the main reasons why couples nationwide travel to participate in my couples therapy retreats here in Colorado.

They appreciate that:

  • I was the first therapist in our seven-state Rocky Mountain Region to become certified in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. As a result, I’ve done more EFT with couples than any other therapist in our part of the nation.
  • I was one of the first therapists to pioneer the use of EFT in a weekend intensive format.
  • I have expertise not only in EFT but also in a variety of other approaches to marriage counseling. To maximize the effectiveness of the EFT I do, I carefully weave in the best of these approaches along with unique interventions that I have developed.


To find out more about EFT and how I can use it to pull your relationship back from the brink with one of my couples therapy retreats, call me now.