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How My Intensive Marriage Retreats Are Different

“My program’s differentness makes the difference.”

Here’s what my marriage counseling weekend intensives offer that most or many of the other programs for couples do not:

Intensive Marriage Counseling RetreatsComplete privacy and personalization.

With most other programs, you’d be mixed in with other couples and get a cookie-cutter approach: one size fits all. On your weekend intensive with me you’ll get complete privacy. In addition, you’ll get personalization: I’ll tailor what I do so that you’ll get exactly what you need.

An approach that has been scientifically proven to be highly effective.

Many of the other programs use approaches they like, but not approaches that have been proven to work. On your intensive marriage retreat I’ll primarily use EFT, or Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, an approach that has been demonstrated to be highly effective by more than 30 years of research.

The benefits of 40 years of experience and a high level of professional training.

Most of the leaders of other programs for couples have only a few years of experience and a master’s degree. Some do not even have a master’s degree and are not even licensed therapists. With me you’ll get the benefits of 40 years of experience, a doctorate in psychology, and licensure both as a psychologist and as a marriage and family therapist.

An extended weekend format that is minimally disruptive to your life.

With many of the other intensive marriage retreats for couples, you’d be required to go and live at their location for a week. On your weekend intensive with me you’ll get the same number of hours of couple therapy in three or four days that many of the other programs take five or six days to deliver.

A single highly-qualified therapist for your entire weekend.

Many other programs use a team approach involving two or more therapists. I believe that this can water down the treatment, especially if there is a lead therapist with several less-qualified assistants. On your weekend intensive with me you’ll get one highly-qualified therapist all the way through.

Specialized help for affair recovery.

Most other programs do not offer specialized help to couples needing to heal from the trauma of infidelity. If you’re reeling from an affair, on your weekend intensive with me you’ll get the benefits of my highly effective Affair Recovery Program, which I have developed over the past 40 years.

One of the most scenic locations in the nation.

My weekend intensives take place in Louisville, Colorado, which affords breath-taking views of the majestic peaks of the continental divide, a short ways to the west. It’s the perfect place to calm your conflict or crisis and heal your pain.

As you can see, my intensive marriage retreats really are different from most or many of the other programs for couples. That’s what makes them so effective.


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